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Seattle’s streets relatively safe for pedestrians

When you deal with the tragic aftermaths of car accidents, drunk drivers and hit-and-runs day in and day out, it’s nice to have some good news every once in a while for a little change of pace. Car accidents involving pedestrians is a tragedy anywhere, but Washington state just got some positive news on that front, according to a recent study from the nonprofit group Smart Growth America.

The advocacy group ranked cities across the United States by their relative safety for pedestrians. Seattle, as it turns out, has some of the safest streets for pedestrians in the country. Out of 51 U.S. cities, it ranked 49. Between the years of 2003 and 2012, 375 pedestrian deaths were recorded throughout the Bellevue-Tacoma-Seattle area. The state of Washington did relatively well, with only 678 deaths during that same period. 

The worst states for pedestrians? Jacksonville, Miami, Charlotte, Orlando, Memphis and Atlanta all topped the list.

While Washington fared well, the rest of the country did not, and walking deaths are still something of an epidemic. The study estimates more than 47,000 fatalities from pedestrians who were hit by vehicles in a 10-year time span. Sadly, many of those victims are the elderly, who may have trouble jumping out of the way, and children, who are often too small to see the danger. Experts say road design improvements could make great strides in pedestrian safety.

If a loved one was killed by a negligent driver in Washington, an attorney may be able to help you fight for compensation for medical expenses, loss of companionship and any pain and suffering the accident may have caused. 

Source: nwcn.com, “Safe to cross: Seattle ranks low for pedestrian danger,” Adam Mertz, May 20, 2014

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