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Motorcycle accident deaths down in 2013

As most motorcyclists who have spent any time on the road know, car drivers can be completely unaware of, or even actively aggressive to motorcycles. Many Washington bikers are hit and injured or killed every year when other drivers fail to check their rear view mirrors or carefully consider their blind spots.

Data from the Governors Highway Safety Association covering January through September 2013 suggests that, at least in terms of fatal motorcycle accidents, bikers had a rare good year.

The numbers are encouraging—for only the second time since 1997 fatalities are down. Total deaths in that period went from 4,957 in 2012 to a projected 4,610 in 2013. That represents about a 7 percent drop in the number of fatalities. The majority of states—35 in all—even saw a reduction in biker-related deaths, while only 13 had increases. 


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