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Seattle’s streets relatively safe for pedestrians

When you deal with the tragic aftermaths of car accidents, drunk drivers and hit-and-runs day in and day out, it’s nice to have some good news every once in a while for a little change of pace. Car accidents involving pedestrians is a tragedy anywhere, but Washington state just got some positive news on that front, according to a recent study from the nonprofit group Smart Growth America.

Cars recalled after defective part causes 13 deaths

When you drive your car, you trust that the manufacturer has put the vehicle through its paces. You assume safety teams have run tests, revealing any major safety flaws that could cause a car accident. But a recent spate of recalls has started to cast doubt on those assumptions.

Motorcycle accident deaths down in 2013

As most motorcyclists who have spent any time on the road know, car drivers can be completely unaware of, or even actively aggressive to motorcycles. Many Washington bikers are hit and injured or killed every year when other drivers fail to check their rear view mirrors or carefully consider their blind spots.

Washington man suspected of two hit-and-run accidents

It’s hard to know what goes on in the mind of a person who hits another car, possibly injuring or killing another human being, and then flees the scene. It’s even more baffling when the perpetrator’s judgment isn’t impaired by alcohol or drugs.

Three vehicles involved in fatal crash

Three cars were involved in a crash in Oregon recently, leaving one person dead and another injured. There aren't many details available about the crash, but what is suspected is that the car carrying the two victims in this crash turned in front of one of the vehicles. It is not known how the third vehicle became involved in the crash.

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