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Fatal motorcycle crash being investigated by police

The north side of the Washington-Oregon border saw a fatal motorcycle accident recently, and the authorities are still don't know how the wreck occurred. The motorcycle crash involved an SUV and a pickup truck as well, with the SUV rolling over multiple times. The motorcyclist was killed in the wreck and the driver of the SUV was seriously injured.

As we mentioned there are no details about how the wreck actually occurred. The police are investigating the wreck -- but quite notably, this is the second fatal motorcycle accident to occur on this stretch of highway recently. In that other wreck, an SUV was again involved, killing a motorcyclist.

It seems as though there is something going on at this stretch of road that need to be looked into. Should the area be worked on? Does new signage need to be installed?

In the meantime, this motorcycle accident will be investigated and it will take some time before that is completed. The police will try to determine if the driver of either the SUV or the pickup truck was somehow negligent in the buildup to the crash, in addition to the actions of the motorcyclist.

When it comes to motorcycle accidents, they often end up with the motorcyclist suffering serious or fatal injuries. It is inherent to the nature of the vehicle. Motorcycles are open vehicles that send their rider (or riders) flying when a wreck occurs. They can suffer serious abrasions or life-altering injuries, if they are lucky enough to escape with their lives. We say all of this to remind people that you have to look out for motorcycles when you are driving. If you fail to properly check your blind spots and mirrors for a motorcycle, you could cause an accident.

Source: KOIN, "Motorcylist killed in I-5 crash," April 7, 2014

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