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Dangerous intersection the setting of fatal car crash

Two teenagers who were in their first year of college were killed in a motor vehicle accident recently on a stretch of highway that is known for being dangerous. The wreck occurred on Oregon 47 at an intersection that is known for being "notorious," according to an official. That link also discussed a report that found 21 car accidents had occurred at the intersection in questions over a five-year stretch ending in July 2012.

The two teens were in a vehicle that pulled out in front of a large truck. The two teens, aged 18 and 19, were killed and the 44-year-old truck driver survived without suffering any serious injuries.

The wreck is being investigated, but it does seem to be a tragic accident. It is unclear if the teens performed a dangerous driving move, but the description of their vehicle "pulling out in front" of the truck certainly makes it seem like they made an unfortunate mistake.

Fatal car accidents are so devastating on so many levels. The actual victims of the wreck, the physical and mental trauma that can afflict any survivors, the families of the victims -- these are just a few factors that play into the wake of a fatal motor vehicle accident.

Sometimes the investigation into a fatal crash sheds some light on any negligence that occurred in the crash. Such a finding can give the families of the victims the impetus to file a wrongful death lawsuit against the negligent party, possibly earning them the compensation to deal with medical bills and other costs associated with such a tragic incident.

Source: The Oregonian, "Portland teens killed in Oregon 47 crash near Forest Grove were Pacific University students," Everton Bailey Jr., April 7, 2014

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