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Dangerous intersection the setting of fatal car crash

Two teenagers who were in their first year of college were killed in a motor vehicle accident recently on a stretch of highway that is known for being dangerous. The wreck occurred on Oregon 47 at an intersection that is known for being "notorious," according to an official. That link also discussed a report that found 21 car accidents had occurred at the intersection in questions over a five-year stretch ending in July 2012.

Fatal motorcycle crash being investigated by police

The north side of the Washington-Oregon border saw a fatal motorcycle accident recently, and the authorities are still don't know how the wreck occurred. The motorcycle crash involved an SUV and a pickup truck as well, with the SUV rolling over multiple times. The motorcyclist was killed in the wreck and the driver of the SUV was seriously injured.

License plates that mimic 'Scarlet Letter' have support

Many residents in Vancouver, Washington know about the story "The Scarlet Letter." But what many residents may not know is that the practice of shaming people for their actions -- which is central to "The Scarlet Letter" -- is starting to gain traction in the world of driving. Some states have passed, or are trying to pass, laws that require repeat DUI offenders and texting while driving offenders to have special license plates that alert drivers to their prior violations.

2018 rule will help reduce backup accidents

Imagine that you wake up for work one morning and everything is going just great. You make a little breakfast, sip your coffee and soon you are out the door. You walk to your driveway and get into your car, waving to some neighbors as you leave. It's practically the perfect day, isn't it?

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