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One day, one truck driver, two accidents: this really happened

In our last post, we talked about some new safety proposals for trucks and truck drivers that will hopefully be passed -- and hopefully reduce truck accidents. Now there's the story of a truck driver who was involved in two accidents in one day, and somehow survived both without getting injured.

The first incident wasn't really an accident, but it was definitely dangerous. The truck driver looked down at his dashboard and noticed that there was a fire under it. He pulled over in an attempt to give him a chance to put out the fire, but by the time he had, the truck was ablaze. The entire truck was torched by the fire, but he was not hurt.

Some time passed before another truck came by to pick up the marooned truck driver. Just a few moments passed before that truck suddenly lost control and crashed into the median. The driver of that truck suffered a head injury and needed to be taken to the hospital. The truck driver who was picked up was not hurt again.

While this is a bit of "fun" news about truck accidents, which doesn't happen very often, we still can't forget that a truck driver was still injured. Also, these two wrecks do highlight major issues with trucks. Yes, the accidents could have happened to any motor vehicle, but the point is that trucks inherently make the circumstances more dangerous. They are big, powerful vehicles that have a greater potential to cause damage and injury in an accident.

Source: Truckers Report, "Trucker Escapes Death Twice In One Night," Samuel Barradas, March 14, 2014

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