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One day, one truck driver, two accidents: this really happened

In our last post, we talked about some new safety proposals for trucks and truck drivers that will hopefully be passed -- and hopefully reduce truck accidents. Now there's the story of a truck driver who was involved in two accidents in one day, and somehow survived both without getting injured.

Proposal to combat tired truck drivers would be huge safety boost

Truck accidents have been a common theme on this blog. A few weeks ago, we wrote about a study that looked at the positive impact that a sleep law change had on truck driver performance. Now federal lawmakers are looking to make sleep laws even more difficult to break, as they have proposed a new rule that would require buses and trucks that travel across state lines to be equipped with an hour-tracking electronic device.

Drugged driving is becoming more prominent

It is very easy to get caught up in the furor over drunk driving to forget that the charge for such an infraction is called "driving under the influence." That phrase is vague for a reason: such a driver could be under the influence of any number of intoxicants, including prescription or recreational drugs. A DUI doesn't inherently mean that the driver consumed too much alcohol.

Lawsuit settled after family sues truck company for bike accident

In 2012, a bicyclist in Portland was involved in a collision with a delivery truck. The crash killed the bicyclist, and the police said that the crash was a "50-50 thing." Essentially, they assigned no blame in the incident and the delivery truck driver was not cited. Even if you take the "50-50" declaration as truth, that would mean that the bicyclist wasn't at fault either, or at least could not be considered solely to blame for the crash. Clearly, there is some nuance here. It may have been easier to label the bike accident "50-50," but it certainly didn't provide much in the way of answers.

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