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Motorcyclist dies after crash with reckless driver

In the southern regions of the Portland metro area is Milwaukie, a city that was the site of a terrible motor vehicle accident. The wreck involved a motorcycle and a car, with the motorcyclist suffering severe injuries (as is, unfortunately, the outcome in these types of accidents). The motorcyclist survived for a while, but eventually he succumbed to his injuries. The driver of the car was not hurt, and stayed at the scene to cooperate with police.

The police are investigating the crash, and they have determined that the driver of the car was negligent in some way prior to the crash. The woman driving the car was making a left turn and it appears she struck the motorcycle head on. The police cited her for failing to yield and for reckless driving.

Motorcycle accidents like this happen all the time, and sadly, it is the motorcyclist that almost always suffers the most. They are in an inherently vulnerable position with very little safety equipment to protect them. That doesn't mean motorcyclists should just ignore wearing a helmet or other safety equipment, mind you -- such equipment could save your life. However, the reality is that car v. motorcycle accidents usually see the motorcyclist suffer immensely.

So in the wake of these accidents, the question often is "was the driver of the car negligent?" In this case -- and sadly, again, in many car v. motorcycle wrecks -- the driver of the car fails to respect the motorcycle or doesn't see the biker. Failing to see the biker may be an honest mistake or it could be a case of reckless driving. Even if it was a true mistake, though, doesn't mean the error should be excused. The driver's negligence could make him or her liable for the motorcyclist's injuries in civil court.

Source: KATU, "Man dies after motorcycle crash in Milwaukie," Jan. 22, 2014

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