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28 vehicles involved in huge pileup in Vancouver

A massive pileup near Vancouver, Washington involved 28 vehicles, left numerous people with serious injuries and killed one person last week. The wreck was at least partially caused by snowy conditions and slicks roads, as people involved described the snow "blowing" all over the road, and there were multiple quotes in the article that referenced dangerous conditions on Interstate 5 (where the pileup occurred).

It is not known what exactly caused the crash other than the weather, but a safe bet is that one small car accident triggered numerous other wrecks. The snow did the rest, lumping all of these vehicles close together as cars, SUVs and trucks struggled to brake in time due to the slippery roads.

A 39-year-old man was killed in this crash, and three people suffered severe injuries. One of those injured people suffered "critical" injuries, while two people suffered "serious" injuries. These three injured people were hospitalized.

Pileup accidents are very messy and it can leave the accident victims confused and frustrated. How does their insurance handle such a situation? How will it apply when other insurance policies are thrown into the mix? How does the police investigation affect the outcome?

The short answer is that some form of shared liability will be applied to the wreck. This means that many people will be "blamed" for the accident (of course, given the weather, the term "blame" should be taken with a small grain of salt). Ultimately, given the confusing nature of these wrecks, anyone involved should contact a personal injury attorney to ensure their rights are being upheld and their insurance provider is treating them fairly.

Source: KPTV, "One killed, several badly hurt in 28-car crash on I-5 in SW Washington," Feb. 6, 2014

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