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Sleep law change improved truck driver performance, study says

We have talked about truck accidents on this blog before. A few weeks ago, there was a story about a truck driver involved in a fatal wreck -- and that post described the possibility of the truck driver being fatigued or sleepy.

Motorcyclist dies after crash with reckless driver

In the southern regions of the Portland metro area is Milwaukie, a city that was the site of a terrible motor vehicle accident. The wreck involved a motorcycle and a car, with the motorcyclist suffering severe injuries (as is, unfortunately, the outcome in these types of accidents). The motorcyclist survived for a while, but eventually he succumbed to his injuries. The driver of the car was not hurt, and stayed at the scene to cooperate with police.

28 vehicles involved in huge pileup in Vancouver

A massive pileup near Vancouver, Washington involved 28 vehicles, left numerous people with serious injuries and killed one person last week. The wreck was at least partially caused by snowy conditions and slicks roads, as people involved described the snow "blowing" all over the road, and there were multiple quotes in the article that referenced dangerous conditions on Interstate 5 (where the pileup occurred).

1 dead, 1 injured in fatal crash with likely sleepy truck driver

Though the following story did not occur in Vancouver, or Portland or even in the state of Oregon, it is important for local residents to know about. The wreck involved multiple vehicles, a state trooper and likely a very sleepy truck driver who has been arrested as a result of the crash.

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