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Police seek hit-and-run drivers in fatal Vancouver accident

About a week ago, two women were killed in an auto-pedestrian accident that saw two pickup trucks flee the scene. Some eyewitness reports indicate that a white pickup truck was travelling at a high rate of speed when it approached an intersection and attempted to make a left turn. Three pedestrians were trying to cross the street at the time, and the truck hit two of them when they "had the right to go," according to one witness.

Vancouver police believe a black pickup truck was also involved in the accident in some way, but it is unclear how they drew that conclusion. Both trucks fled the scene.

However, some relatively good news was recently released about this story. The white pickup truck was found and the police will now look it over for evidence.

This is a tragic accident that really shouldn't have happened. Sadly, though, pedestrians are struck by vehicles all the time in Washington, Oregon and all across the country. Every day people put their lives at risk when they step into the crosswalk. It's a sad reality, but a true one. Pedestrians are inherently vulnerable -- and you would think that drivers of vehicles, who have been pedestrians themselves at one point or another, would understand this vulnerability and take great caution at crosswalks.

But some drivers are negligent, and negligence leads to tragedy on the road. These drivers can be held accountable both in criminal and civil court, especially if they performed the nefarious hit-and-run. It is an incredibly negligent act. Staying at the scene of an accident not only helps resolve the incident, but the driver could help victims of the accident who are suffering a medical emergency.

Source: KATU, "Vancouver police: Truck involved in fatal hit-and-run found," Hillary Lake, Jan. 20, 2014

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