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Distracted driving in Washington

Distracted driving has been growing as a cause of accidents on the highways of Washington and the rest of the United States. Recent reports indicate that approximately nine people die as a result of distracted drivers every day. Over 1,153 people suffer injuries in the same time period.

Distractions to the focus of the driver generally come in three categories. Manual distractions occur when the driver takes their hands off the wheel. Visual distractions come when the driver looks away from the road. Cognitive distractions happen when the driver is thinking about something else besides driving, such a text message or a cellphone conversation. All three types of distraction have the potential to raise the odds of an accident by a substantial amount. Texting or talking on the phone has the capability to cause all three types of distraction at once.

Several injured and 1 killed in wrong-way crash in Washington

A wrong-way accident near Granger on Dec. 15 resulted in the death of one driver. The decedent, an 87-year old woman, was driving the wrong way down Interstate 82 just after 6:30 p.m. when the accident occurred. Five people were also injured in the wreck.

The accident occurred when the 87-year-old woman began driving east in the westbound lanes of I-82. Her Volkswagen Beetle collided head-on with an oncoming Toyota Corolla. The force of the collision caused the Corolla to crash into a Honda Accord that was traveling east on the highway.

Hit-and-run on I-205 results in second collision, 2 injured

Washington State Patrol troopers reported that an initial hit-and-run collision occurring on Dec. 7 just before 6:00 a.m. caused two people to suffer serious injuries. According to officers, the accident happened on I-205 in Vancouver when a good Samaritan stopped to give assistance to the victim of the hit-and-run.

Reportedly, dispatchers had received several emergency calls concerning a pickup truck driving dangerously on the interstate. The same truck then allegedly collided with a Honda CRV being driven by a 25-year-old Battleground man before fleeing. Another motorist, a 63-year-old Camas man, apparently stopped his own vehicle on the right interstate shoulder and attempted to cross the freeway to help the CRV's driver. The CRV had crashed into the left concrete barrier and had come to rest in the lanes of traffic.

Driver killed on side of I-5 in Washington

A man was killed in Smokey Point after a driver swerved to avoid slow-moving traffic and sideswiped the man's truck. According to reports, he had pulled his truck to the side of the highway to secure something in the back.

The man's wife stated that she was going to Kingston with her daughter when they suffered a flat tire. She had called her husband, who was going to Stanwood, and he stated that he would turn around and help them. It was then that his truck was struck on the I-5. It was not noted whether the man died on the scene or at a later time.

Accident kills 1, injures 3 others

According to reports by the Washington State Patrol, an accident that occurred on I-5 on Nov. 28 killed a Gold Bar man and injured three others. The accident happened around 10:45 p.m. within the Tukwila city limits at mile marker 154 in the southbound lanes.

According to officers, the 28-year-old Gold Bar man was driving a 2002 Honda Civic in the exit lane for State Route 518. The man apparently lost control of his vehicle, striking the barrier. The impact caused his vehicle to then careen left over a curb that separates the exit lane from the interstate's southbound lanes. It was then struck by a 1996 Jeep Cherokee being driven by a 65-year-old Seattle man.

Washington driver seriously injures bicyclist

Authorities report that an accident involving a car and a bicycle in Puyallup in the afternoon hours of Nov. 24 left the bicyclist with devastating injuries. An ambulance transported the bicyclist to Tacoma Hospital in critical condition. There were no reports of injuries to the driver and her two passengers.

According to Puyallup police, the accident occurred on Ninth Avenue SW. A 19-year-old woman ran a stop sign and struck a 66-year-old man riding a bicycle before crashing into the wall of a business. Police allege that the driver of the car was visibly impaired and never attempted to apply the brakes of the car during the course of the accident, and they took her into custody on a charge of vehicular assault and impaired driving.

Allegedly drunk 86-year-old causes wreck on I-5

The Washington State Patrol reported that an 86-year-old allegedly drunk driver caused a multi-vehicle collision on Interstate 5 while going the wrong way. The incident occurred on Nov. 10 around 10:35 p.m. in Tacoma.

According to reports, the man managed to enter the southbound interstate lanes while heading north in his SUV. While near the Tacoma Dome, he first struck a southbound minivan. His vehicle then careened head-on into a sedan that had four occupants.

I-5 truck accident results in death of woman

The Washington State Patrol reported that a woman lost her life when a semi-truck slammed into her vehicle on Interstate 5 in Thurston County. According to authorities, the accident occurred on the interstate's northbound lanes at mile marker 102 around 3:50 a.m. on Nov. 7.

The woman was apparently experiencing mechanical issues with her 1991 Geo Metro. She had pulled onto the shoulder and stopped her car. The semi-truck was traveling at freeway speeds and apparently left the lanes of traffic and struck her vehicle from the rear at 58 miles per hour.

Pedestrian accidents in the U.S.

As many Washington residents already know, pedestrian accidents constitute a public safety issue affecting the entire country. In 2012, traffic accidents involving pedestrians accounted for nearly 4,750 fatalities and approximately 76,000 injured individuals, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

The federal agency, which is part and parcel of the U.S. Department of Transportation, regularly publishes reports that compile and analyze traffic safety data, and their reported number of deaths related to pedestrian accidents in 2012 reflects a 6-percent increase from 2011. Moreover, a considerable portion of these fatal accidents in 2012 involved impairment, according to the agency's findings. Reportedly, 14 percent of them involved a driver with a blood alcohol content level that exceeded the legal limit and 34 percent involved a pedestrian who was legally drunk. In other words, 48 percent of fatal pedestrian accidents were linked to alcohol, altogether.

Attempt to pass multiple cars turns deadly

A traffic accident in Washington has left one person dead and another injured. The accident happened near Shelton on Oct. 26. The Washington State Patrol has charged the injured driver with vehicular homicide.

Around 6:40 a.m., a vehicle was reportedly traveling north on State Route 3 when it attempted to pass multiple other vehicles. In doing so, the driver allegedly crossed over the centerline and straight into the path of a southbound vehicle. The collision knocked the southbound car into a ditch, and the northbound car came to a rest in the center of the road.

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